Cattle farming

The breeding process led to the domestication and the emergence of specialized breeds.

the Yam

The yam has all the advantages of the potato, the sweet flavor in addition.

the Cashew

The cashew tree is part of the Anacardiaceae family like the pistachio tree also appreciated for its nuts.

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Modern agriculture

The modernization of agriculture has been done largely thanks to the development and improvement by the selection of plant species, the development of new fertilizers and plant protection products that are more efficient and more respectful of environment.

Diversified agriculture

the Sorghum

A grass that is grown for its seeds and fodder. It looks a bit like corn but its root system makes it drought resistant.


Housing the hens, including the essential equipment or the food supplements necessary for a healthy hen breeding.


Okra is eaten raw, cooked and sometimes in dehydrated form. Its particular flavor and texture, as well as the nutritive compounds make it a vegetable that deserves to be known.

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